The engine isn't running smoothly (turn volume up) you hear it hesitating

Hello there!

I have a problem with my car and I hope you could tell me what it is. I made a short video so you can hear for yourself. After watching videos and browsing the internet my symptoms seem to possibly tell that it could be a vacuum leak. Now, i dont know alot about cars so maybe you can help me with this before I take it to a garage / car shop where they'll just replace anything untill they find a cure.

Problems I have:

  • Loss of power
  • Sometimes (rarely) power returns for a few seconds randomly
  • Crispy sound when accelerating at full throttle
  • Hesitating on idle

Especially at 0:07 to 0:08 you can hear it ''hesitating'' or however you would call it. Its also that same noise when I accelerate at full throttle. At lower speeds its sometimes a bit jerky and with the same amount of pressure on the gas pedal, the acceleration fluctuates.

Thanks for your time :)

~ Spyroof

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Just remembered that if the oil cap is off while engine is running, the engine is reaaaaallyy hesitating to the point where it almost stalls. Is this normal on vw's? Or might this be another indicator for the problem?


airfilter, oilfilter, oil and sparkplugs are replaced few months back, so pretty new. I also used Fuel System Cleaner.

I just ordered a mass air sensor cleaner and will try that out. (sadly no store has them here in the netherlands so I needed to order online)
Thanks! I will let you know if it worked or not :)



tons of things can do that on vws, start by cleaning the maf sensor and air filter and spark plugs