My 3400 impala has been losing power and running lean.


I just replaced my cat converter and fuel pump on my 3400 base impala. i am at 206600+ and I seem to be still running lean but not enough for a MIL. I watch your videos and follow all your tips and you are my Mechanic to go to here in the East coast. My thoughts are a vacuum issue in which I saw leaks at a few lines and fixed. Lean levels went down but still over 10%. Could my throttle body gasket cause reduced engine power and throttle hesitation? I think it maybe time to replace all of the gaskets in the engine for they have done they job all the way up to 2066000+ mileage. and i see carbon/oil stains on valve covers and timing belt area

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check for vacuum leaks first, and also pressure test the fuel pump. Weak pumps cause lean all the time in those