Engine Breaking question,
Hey i have seen alot of yoru videos and I noticed that in your top 5 things not to do in a manuel transmission vehicle video you mentioned downshifting. Where does engine braking come in to play with this and could you do a video about engine brreaking? I drive a manuel 1994 Mazda Mx-5 Miata and love it, I need to replace my brakes soon because they are rusted, also I plan on replacing them with EBC brakes (ceramic red stuff). Until i do that ive been engine braking a lot and im worried if that is wearing down my clutch. I try not to lug my engine and im gentle with the gas pedal. YOu videos are very informative and i appreciate all your afdvice. Thank you Scotty.

If you downshift, it will wear clutch and tranny out faster. If you just leave it in gear and when you get near to stopping you push in the clutch, no.