Electric Power Steering mod replacing standard

Possibility of replacing a belt driven Power steering (EVO-feature) with an electric power steering pump?

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to investigate the possibility of replacing a standard power steering pump (that has E.V.O. (Electronic Variable Orifice) Solenoid Actuator] with an electronic power steering pump on my 2004 Chevrolet Optra/ (Suzuki Forenza in America). I have a picture of the Optra Power steering system above, can I just replace the pump with an electric one?

The most common options I see are electric pumps I see on Ebay are for:

-Ford Focus C

-Mazda 3

Which is the best Option, how do I wire it to just run when I have my car running?

is the E.V.O. (Electronic Variable Orifice) important? can I leave it unplugged?

or are they standard on these electric power steering pumps?

Thanks for your time everyone, maybe a supercharger or nothing will take

the place of the standard power steering pump.

anything can be done, but realize, it will be quite a bit of work and relatively expensive. the big question is WHY? If it has power already I'd leave it