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I have a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. Recently I've had issues starting the car up. When I turn the key I can't hear the fuel pump engaging and the check engine light doesn't illuminate when the key is in the ON position. I turn back to the off position and wait a couple of seconds. I Then turn to the ON position and attempt to start the car. It starts and immediately stalls out. On the third or forth attempt and I can get the pump to engage it will start and run perfect. I brought it to my mechanic and he couldn't get it to communicate with his scanner and said it was the ECM/PCM

I reset the ECM and its now communicating with ODB2 scanner and getting readings. There are no codes and its not throwing any codes when it does this not starting routine. I did tap on the ECM connector and the car stalled out. Since then I unplugged it and cleaned the connectors and unplugged every sensor and cleaned them. I also cleaned the entire air intake with inclusion to MAF and all sensors related to it.

Now when I tap on the ECM the car wont stall but still has same issues starting as previously stated. So how can I know if its the ECM or the Ignition switch which has the same symptoms or the Pass Lock security which I have on my car?

Please I need help and Assistance