E10 Problems for Collector Cars and Fuel Additives

Use a non-alcohol based fuel treatment to prevent excessive water collection in your fuel.

Ethanol based fuel treatments worsen problems caused by E10 gas. The federal government and the economics of the farming and fuel industries, are finding pure 100 percent gasoline is nearly impossible to find.

At Total Power Inc., out of San Diego California, one of the highest regulated states in the union, comes the genius and innovative solutions to such dilemmas as water in our fuel.

TPx is a synthetic fuel additive that is biodegradable and petroleum free. Our product disperses water and completely treats your fuel system and tank. Our data sheets posted publicly on our website can demonstrate the increased compression, fuel, savings and reduction of emissions.

OK, this is pretty much an advertisement. DO you have any data and testing you can show here from actual scientists who have studied the use of this in cars and have REAL data showing how it works?

Yes, of course see it here: