2007 Durango won't start or turn over.

Hey Scotty, got a question for you... I have an 07 Durango  with the 4.7L (non Hemi) that was working fine.  Then it all of a sudden just wouldn't start.  The lights and radio works, but the starter won't turn over the engine.  I at first thought it was a bad battery or connections, so I replaced it with a known good one.  Still no worky.Then I took the starter out and used jumper cables to test the starter out.  It didn't work so I thought the problem was solved.  I bought then tested a new starter the same way, and the new one worked so I installed it, but the truck still wouldn't turn over!

I then turned the key to the run position and jumped the starter while installed.  I could get the starter to crank the engine over, but it wouldn't fire.  I even sprayed starting fluid in the throttle body just for funsies.

I checked the starter fuses and relays, they are good.  I locked and unlocked the doors with the keyfob thinking it might be some weird factory security system issue I had heard of, I also put a Innova 3030 code reader on it, but no codes are showing up.

Any ideas?

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classic signs of a failed security system, You hot wired it to crank, but still no start. That's classic for being locked out by the security system. Have a pro with dodge scan computer check that first