Don't know if it's worth putting money into my car

Old car needs expensive repairs, is it worth it?

My 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L with a little over 100,000 miles needs some repairs. My dealership says it needs a new timing belt, new breaks, coolant flush, transmission flush and 2 new balanced rear tires. All of this is going to cost at least $4,000. I called other shops and it seems the timing belt alone will cost around $1,000 and they want me to change my water pump too which would cost a couple hundred dollars more.

My question is should I sell the car or fix it? The car runs pretty good but I am not sure if it's worth fixing, especially for so much. Thanks.

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not worth fixing being a korean car, unless you find some one to do the job cheaper, which would be relatively easy to do. Timing belt and tires is about all you really need to do