Dodge Journey 2010 2.7Litre V6
Hi Scotty,
I have a 2010 Dodge Journey I bought used 6 years ago with 80km (50k miles) and regular service intervals. I have found out (check b4 you buy) that the engine has smalk oil galleries and a tendency to sludge up.
I thus changed the oil every 7k - 10k km (4.5k - 6k miles) by adding a quality engine flush, drive for 50 miles, drain and add cheap oil, drive for 50 miles then fill with my quality 10W 20 or 30 oil and replace with the premium Ryco filter.
The oul always looks like honey and I really like the 7 seater capabilities and the carrying loads.
The only trouble I've had is the crappy plastic oil line splitting and dumping oil through my engine and on the road so I replaced them both with custom made hoses rather than OEM.
It has 185k km now (120k miles) and wondering should I move on to something newer?
Thanks and have a safe move.
Hugo Hobart Tasmania.

Dodge Journey 2010
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