Do I need a new Alternator? My 2006 maxima idles at 13.9v and hot 14v at 1500rpm. I just had the battery replaced recently because it was completely dead (took a truck and portable battery jump)
Also when i idle sometimes the rpm falls below 1000 and the car feels like its about to stall...

Do you think there is a bad connection or the alternator needs to be replaced?

Thanks! you're the man!

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Thanks Scotty! do you think you'll ever do an episode on reliable cars to buy? I am looking at the 2016 Civic and an older toyota tacoma but Tcoma's arent cheap and that gas kills me.



try cleaning the connectors first, and really, places like auto zone load test alternators free in their parking lot. Anyone with a tester can do so in 2 minutes, I do it all the time when working on customers' cars just to tell them what shape their alternators are in