Scotty, Diesel toys is a company in Texas that will replace the engine in your Toyota, truck with a diesel engine from a used Toyota truck in Australia. It will have less than 20,000 miles. They said they can do this due to the crazy laws about totalled vehicles over there. Ya kick the front end they consider it totalled. For Tacomas they use a 3.0 l inline 4 diesel from a Prado SUV. I've heard of folks with a million miles with that engine. They replace the tranny too with either a stick or automatic. With that engine it gets 35 plus mpg. No Def bullshit hooked to it either. Ain't cheap, around $29000. I know HOLY COW! However a new 4x4 top of line gas Taco is near $50,000. What's your thought about doin that? I will tell you I have an 06 Dodge 5.9 l cummins. It's an awesome engine that gets 20 plus mpg and will pull a house. That was goin to be my last truck. So I'm kind of guy that wants something to last 20 -25 years. Whaddya think about the plan to buy a used Taco and have that company put a diesel with standard tranny? Sorry for long ass post. Love your videos truthful, informative, and you make me almost pee myself sometmes!