Diego Armijo

hi, i'm trying to pin point the source of a strange vibration.
a few months ago, i was driving at 80km/h and suddenly a shake start. only occured under acceleration. you could felt it in the entire car. so, i pulled over, put it in park and rev the engine and the shake appear again. engine and transmition mounts are ok, found a leaking egr cooler (cleaned the egr and replace the cooler), found a bad center bearing in the propeller shaft and replaced it too. did a test drive and, under hard acceleration the entire car shake like hell.
-no check engine lights are on (any ligth on)

  • i disconnected the egr actuator and the shake persist (and no check engine light...strange.)
    -rpm are constant while the shake occur.
    -transmittion shift gears smoothly and the oil look and smell good.
    -no strange sounds or smells at idlling.
    this is my first diesel car and after dealling with some terrible mechanics ib the past, im prepared to tear down the entire engine my self if i have to.
    Hyundai Santa fe 2007 CRDI AWD, D4EB engine
    Congratulations on the new house!