Diagnostic issues and Diode missing

Bad luck and Clumsy fingers. What do I do now ? Lol

Hi Scotty I have an 04 Pontiac Aztek and my check engine light had come on. I'm pretty sure it's only something to do with the gas cap. But still I decided to have it checked out just in case. So I went to AutoZone and their computer would not even turn on when plugged in. So I went to Advanced Auto their computer would turn on but it wouldn't communicate with the computer of my vehicle it just kept " no vehicle found". So I figured this has something to do with the fuses. I replaced a couple blown fuses this did not fix the problem and in the process I knocked my Diode fuse loose down between the body of the car and the console. I am currently battling Breast cancer so I am unable to take the whole console apart just to get the fuse. Soooo....I won't be getting that one back anytime soon. So far no1 I know of sells these and they are to expensive online. Is it safe to continue to operate my vehicle without that Diode in place or am I in danger of causing a short circuit? And what could possibly be interrupting communication with the computer when trying to diagnose it?

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that's purely a safety device, if no one messes with the electronics AND nothing shorts out, it will drive fine