Dear Sir

I have a hummer h3 model 2006

I have a slightly white vapor coming out when i open the oil cap or check oil level from the dip stick

Some said it was ok for this car. While other said it ia a blown engine to be

More worse my car loses oil like 1 quart every 2 weeks or if i go on long trips longer than 320 miles i probably now that next day morning i have to fill up at least a quart of oil.

By the way am using 10w30 Ac Delco miniral oil

Please help me answering those 2 things

they all do that some. But those engines pretty much stink as they age and burn a lot of oil. But, oil is cheap, engines cost a LOT

Thanks a lot man

Forgot to tell you that when i add the missing oil, if i step on gas it smokes a little from the muffler for a sec. Only