Dear Scotty, Please don't retire from YouTube. I find your videos very informative and…

April Elliott Strom

Dear Scotty,

Please don't retire from YouTube. I find your videos very informative and entertaining. FYI I have watched many of your videos and I have subscribed to your channel. In addition to being a fan I have a pressing question. I purchased a loaded 2014 CLA 45 AMG (63k purchase price)with a 7 year 75,000 mile warranty. I have 1 1/2 years left on my warranty. The car is immaculate and well taken care of. It has not had any issues. This is my second car and at my condo in FL. It has 2000 miles on it. While I am away I have it driven on the highway for a few miles every week and once a month it is washed and tire pressure checked at the Mercedes dealership. I have debated on trading it in for a new 2019 A or CLA. The problem is my car has depreciated a lot and the trade in would be 28k at the dealership and Car Max. If I wanted a fully loaded A or CLA it would be an additional 20-30k. My fear is that if I keep the car much longer I will have huge repair bills once the car is out of warranty. My other issue is that I am not in the country and will put any miles on it and my handyman will have a new car to drive every week. I would appreciate your advice. At this point I am leaning towards keeping it. I could afford some repairs here and there. I also don't think I will really put any miles on it.

Best, April Elliott Strom

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer




Scotty incessantly speaks to the drastic decrease of Mercedes product resale value as time increases and the corresponding drastic increase of repair bills. Efforts to find the intersection point of those two opposing trends is anyone's guess. You're right, if you ditch it now you'll take a 56% hit at resale. Scotty often advises to keep it until you're facing an untenable repair, then bail out (sell!) when you just can't take it any more. As far as your search for a 2019 Mercedes product-- cross it off your list. You'd be facing the same Endless Money Pit of depreciation coupled w/ astronomical repair bills. Scotty always advises 1/ NOT buying any new vehicle 2/ NOT buying a Mercedes 3/ NOT buying a new Mercedes. Get a nice used Lexus unless you've won the Lottery and have "Money to Burn." Take it from Il Maestro himself: