Dear Scotty, My name Is Mclur, i live and stay in Uganda Africa. i happen to have a VW MK4 TDI 1.9cc 2002, manual sxi gear transmission. recently i changed the master cylinder but after it was fixed, upon driving, i realized that my car had lost the power and the tork. meaning its cant give me that turbo take off power. the mechanic checked and cleaned the throatal body, checked and cleaned the ECU, checked on the EGR , checked on all the Boost pressure solenoid valves N75 etc but the car still drives normal but has no turbo power neither the tork. in that even a simple car can easily out run mine. what could be the problem. i need this car to run normal like a turbo TDI.

i would assume changing the master out you damaged wiring or vacuum lines. Check your work closely

could you be more specific scotty on hwat u think i should do. the master is brand cylinder is brand new,

about the vacume pressure lines should i replace then or i chech if they pass air well ?