dear Scotty, I've been desperately working to get my 73 Charger up and running again but I've hit not one not two but three snacks that have literally Road blocked the progress on the car. I have a mini Mopar high torque starter that won't bolt on straight because the side of it rubs against the engine causing about 1/8 inch protrude (any suggestions?) so I moved on to the pulley assembly, my alternator pulley and power steering pulley both line up correctly to the crank pulley however my water pump pulley is off by about a half a Groove length, (original water pump pulley to engine, new water pump) do I have the wrong water pump or the wrong water pump pulley? and lastly my final issue is both my air cleaner cover and my new distributor are preventing Hood clearance by about 3" to latch and close my hood, haven't had any luck finding hood scoop to give me clearance from my air cleaner all the way to my distributor besides getting a bulge Hood which is just out of my budget right now and I don't even know if that will give me the clearance I need without still installing a hood scoop on top of a buldge Hood. any helpful tips or suggestions would be gratefully welcome because as is I've pretty much given up on the car until I can solve these issues

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get a starter that fits correctly, period. or modify things so that fits if you want to go that far. And heck, cut a hole in the hood to make it fit and go Rat Style.