Dear Scotty, I pray you're doing well and staying healthy. I've…


Dear Scotty,

I pray you're doing well and staying healthy.

I've been a fan of yours for a couple of years now and it amazes me the type of knowledge you've accumulated knowing a plethora of different manufacturers. Also, what amazes me is the passion/enthusiasm you have for helping and being a service to people all while being a little older than your average subscriber lol. It's admirable and honorable. Continue to create great content!!

I'm writing you to ask if a 2003 BMW 530iA e39 for $7,366 with 104,075 miles on it a good deal or a endless money pit? With the recent repair history that would save me $1,000's, is it still a endless money pit? 😯

Here's the most updated CarFax link regarding the e39 for your reference:

I'm willing to trade-in my 2003 Nissan Maxima GXE with 174,608 miles on it to help with the down payment costs. Unfortunately, I'll only get around $300-$500 for my vehicle (if that) because of its current condition and at least 85%-90% of the information has been documented correctly. All of my car upgrades, damages, maintenance issues, and repairs have not been documented due to lost receipts and misplaced records.

Here's my CarFax information regarding my vehicle for your reference:

I hope this information finds you well and thanks for everything you do!!

Kind regards,
Donte' Reynolds

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


money pit machines, but it's your money. But do have an honest bmw guy check it out (if you can find such an animal).


lol, I use to work at a local BMW dealership here in Atlanta, Ga and have some knowledge of appointment costs, customer pay, warranty, etc. and you're absolutely right about costs. Thank God I never seen any e39's there though. The one I'm looking into has already had most of the expensive work done recently. Like Scotty said I have some Master BMW mechanic friends with 23 years experience and honest to look into this. Hoping for the best brother!


If u can accelerate from 0 to get the hell away from that bmw. Do so! Really wallet busters, parts labor, you got spoiled with the nissan, you will get Christmas cards from bmw shops. U will get to sit in there waiting rooms for hours😂