Dear Scotty
I'm starting to face a problem with my Jeep Wrangler 2008, sometimes it doesn't start (doesn't crank) then I have to push gear lever or put it in neutral than it starts it is automatic transmission. I went to the Chrysler dealership for this problem they put in a new starter and charged me $540 than the problem was still there, and I went back to the dealer than they said that it might have a different problem and will charge me $150 for a diagnose. Do you have any idea what the problem might be and what I have to do next

I would appreciate if you replied
With regards

first, get your money back from those crooks and go elsewhere, they guessed wrong with your money. Pushing the gear lever shows a bad neutral safety switch often.

Never go to the dealer ever again except if your car is under warranty or if it's for a recall. When my father took in his Toyota Prius for its regular 35,000 mile service, he took it to the dealer because it was still under warranty. When he got the car back, he noticed that the car was shaking, and when I read the receipt, it said that the tires were rotated, but not balanced. Here's a tip for you @ScottyKilmer. Whenever you rotate tires on your customer's cars and even your own cars, always balance them at the same time, because if you rotate the tires and don't balance them, the car will start to shake and will eventually be like mad.