Dear Scotty,
I'm new to your channel and I must say - you are doing an awesome job here, thank you !
I would like to ask you if there is a cheap and/or easy way to find out which part of electrical system is failing - I own a 2007 (january) BMW e92 and on random occasions (mostly on neutral or just standing on redlight at intersections) car completely dies...I mean total blackout - no electrical power whatsoever and then switches back on after couple of minutes. Last time I had to wiggle ground cable close to battery and the power went back on, so I thought - intelligent battery sensor/cable has to be replaced - which I did, but I didn't help. Is there anything that comes to your mind what could be causing this issue ?
Thanks in advance and take care !

are you an iggy pop fan? well, bmws are that age are endless money pits, but if you shaked that and it didn't fix it replacing it, have a pro test the system for electrical faults. then, if you are smart, get rid of it fast before you fall into the pit