Dear Scotty, I'm a veteran and I have relocated to Texas in hope we can grow roots here. Hey I'm an…


Dear Scotty,

I'm a veteran and I have relocated to Texas in hope we can grow roots here.
Hey I'm an aficionado of the motorsports, however, I have been shafted
by several mechanics that have left me with a 2nd time rebuild and now
third one. Perhaps I could be helped to do the rebuild at a low cost
if is possible.

Here is an explanation of the issue. It all started from a place
called Suba Performance, I'm mentioning names so if theres away to
protect Service member from these guys it'll be appropriate, Before I
went to Korea I left my car to remove the tranny for a company that
deals with build transmissions. In return the trnany would come back
with upgrades. Well the MFs returned the car with a bad tune and four
different spark plugs. When the correct tune was installed, a head
gasket was blew. So the 2nd build took place.

Now I have been utilizing the Crawford AOS for the GT86 FA20 engine.
The worst idea ever especially under boost now that the car was
turboed.. The apparatus acts as a boost distributor to the connecting
vacuum lines. Yup that's right. The Crawford engineering designed this
one in particular a DIRECT hose connection from the intake manifold to
this "closed" AOS. Not quiet closed either.

This piece has just flooded my intake manifold and pipes and to my
store items, storage goods. After recording the conversation, they
knew that there were issues and they told me to remove it and try it,
and it produced less smoke it was the oil restrictor of the turbo. I
just ordered a vibrant fitting to add on top of the precision bolt/

I believe that the engines seals and or rings(including turbos) went
bad already, even before I vented the system, it might be late to not
rebuild. Ill still give it a try with that additional restrictor and
test it.

Crawford turned the back on me. I don't believe they have resilience
especially when they know this system is going to pay for peoples
engines. I wish I could be helped in any way.

I appreciate you and your videos especially the cigar test. Clever.



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Been my experience as well whenever I see a car that had an "economy" or "questionable" rebuild or major power upgrade, the engine is usually ruined and needs a total replacement. You have to pay for real, durable and lasting power from folks who specialize in it and have been doing it a LONG time.



"Rebuilds" these days are often hit and miss. Guys just do cheap work and pray it lasts a while. the ONLY guys I trust do racing engines and if price is no object, you use guys like them and shell out serious money for a true rebuild.