Dear Scotty I have a 94 Buick Century with the 3.1 L V6. 219K miles. I had something a little odd…


Dear Scotty
I have a 94 Buick Century with the 3.1 L V6. 219K miles.
I had something a little odd and a bit scary happen recently that never happened before.
I had been driving around all day and stopped at a store.
When I came out of the store and turned the key to "start", no lights came up on the dash and the starter didn't make a sound.
It was as if the battery were dead or disconnected.
I turned the key off and then on again and this time the car acted normally - lights came up on the dash, the starter engaged and the engine started. I thought it was weird, but I drove out of the parking lot and down the street.
After about 1/2 mile I was going 45 mph and all of a sudden there was a power blip.
All the interior lights went out and the engine stalled, then the dash lights came back on again right away.
I was able to put it in Neutral and restart the engine while going 45 mph - but honestly this really scared me.
The car has never done anything like this before, and though I drove another 30 miles home without a problem, now I don't want to drive it because what if all the lights went out when I was driving at night, or on a highway? I realize the car is old, but in my opinion there has to be a solution to this.
My question is, where do I start looking for a problem?
There must be some loose connection somewhere, but I'm sure it could only be a handful of places if an entire electrical system shutdown occurred.
I checked the battery cable connections at the battery - I took them off and they looked clean - no deposits, so I reconnected everything.
I tried to check for another loose connection following the positive and negative battery cables to the starter (+) and to the engine ground (-). I don't see anything loose. Also disconnected the bulkhead connector at the firewall and cleaned it with electrical contact cleaner. I have used the car for very short trips during the day since then without a problem, but don't believe the car miraculously fixed itself. This shouldn't happen.
Do you have any thoughts?
This car is usually my daily driver.
Many thanks for your assistance.