Dear Scotty,

I have a 2014 honda Accord with ~45K miles on it. Been doing the oil changes myself thanks to your videos, but had to visit the dealership for a recall.

They did the complimentary multi-point check and highly recommended I change my: 1.break fluid / 2.transmission fluid / 3.power steering fluid. They explained they're all recommended after 30K/3years....

Funny thing is that by looking it up I realized my accord does NOT even have power steering fluid, it became all electric somehow. Which makes me believe they didn't even bother checking, they just recommended it as a way of fishing money, which is deplorable.

I would really like to know what you think about changing the brake fluids and the transmission fluid at this point, knowing I have no complaints whatsoever with the car. But just like you I'm planing to have my cars run as long as possible without the pain of being ripped off.

Thanks a lot!

yes, they are pretty much moron salesmen at dealers, trying to sell you stuff while knowing very little what they are talking about. Service "advisors" are often just pt barnum pitch men. I would change the transmission fluid, yes, but it just drains out a bolt, do it yourslf.

Thank you Scotty! I will indeed do it myself (just found one of your videos where you . teach it on a lexus, which is similar). Regarding the brake fluid, I can easily change the oil in the main reservoir without going through the hassle of flushing the system at every caliper, would you say this is an acceptable compromise? thanks a lot!!