Dear Scotty I have a 2012 Chrysler 200 V6 Limited with 107k miles, it has cost me a fortune over…


Dear Scotty

I have a 2012 Chrysler 200 V6 Limited with 107k miles, it has cost me a fortune over the last two years to operate. The most recent issue has been a bearing noise which was diagnosed by a garage I have dealt with for years as being the Intermediate Shaft bearing.  They replaced the bearing only to tell me that noise remained and there must be something else going on with the transmission.  I went out of town to a second garage for a second opinion and told them about the repair to the IMS bearing.  They brought me back in the bay and let me under the car and let me listen through their stethoscope that the hub bear was good, the out trans bearing was good and that the IMS bearing was making the noise still.  They contacted garage number one with their diagnoses, first garage says maybe a bad bearing, scheduled time to come back all covered under parts and labor.  Picked car up today, new IMS bearing, they say noise can't be fixed, not the IMS bearing, noise is coming from the transmission, they said it could also be tires. 

I heard the noise for myself, what are the possibilities of a vibration coming from the transmission on only making a noise at the IMS bearing and not at the output bearing?  Do I badger garage 1 or walkaway to find other solution.  Or do I drive until catastrophic repair shows up then worry with it?  

Yes I know Chrysler sucks, I'm upside down and can't get out from under this car yet.   You should do a whole video on the 200's alone with the clogged heater cores Chrys won't fix, cracked intakes, and numerous other issues with these cars.  

If you can't answer in a video an email reply would be appreciated.  There are only a few garages in my area and I can't find any info on youtube or google on this bearing hardly.  

Thank You

James R Jefferson Jr

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Samantha Zinnbauer
Samantha Zinnbauer

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


yep, all true. Really , those fiat designed junkers are really crap and of course, are no longer being made either


You're right-- bulk of literature out there covers Porsche's well-known problems w/ Intermediate Shaft Bearing. Here's how one shop addressed this: