Dear Scotty,
As always, I need your professional opinion.
I have a 4 years old accord that never got its brake fluid flushed/replaced.
I realise there is no indication to do it and often brake fluid lasts forever. I also saw one of your videos where you recommend one of those pens that tell you if the fluid is good or not.

All that aside, would changing the fluid in the main container ONLY (without bleeding the system) be a "good enough" approach? Or would it be a waste of time and money and completely useless? Would you say either do it fully bleed+replace or don't do it at all, or would this approach be "good enough"? I've heard some mechanics never actually bleed the system (not the best mechanics, but those who scam the customer) and at the end of the day it just works...

What's your opinion about that?

Thank you

yes, that's good enough when only 4 years old. I've seen em 14 years old, never changed and still worked.

Good to know! Thank you Scotty :)