Dear Scotty, Are you familiar with the Opel/Vauxhall 1.6T Z16Lex* engines (petrol)? I blew my…


Dear Scotty,

Are you familiar with the Opel/Vauxhall 1.6T Z16Lex* engines (petrol)?

I blew my Z16LEL engine and I now have a Z16LER engine running on my Corsa SRI (GSI).

This car has 4 cylinders. I blew #4 driving 75mph which is the max. speed on a road I am driving from my work. 120 kmph that is, around 3100 revs.

What happened ultimately:

  1. one out of valves broke off.
  2. The 4th piston shattered.
  3. The conrod had free game inside the engine when I drove 120kmph.
  4. Conrod blew a hole in my engine ( cyl. 4 was completely shattered)
  5. New engine installed.

What happened before:

  1. High oil usage on high speed revs: when I drove to my family to Poland I drove speeds of 220kmph which was for certain the max. this engine could take.

  2. I drove this speed for over 300 km. which is around 188 miles.

  3. After a this periode the yellow oil level indicator came on. Dipstick was corck dry. When I saw this I thought I was heaving a heart attack.

  4. Until the end of 2017 I had a cannister of 4 lrs. Shell Helix oil (5W30) in my trunk to fill up when necessary.

Prior to the engine blow up I had an engine clean-up with Forté. I did not change my driving habits after cleaning.

  1. 2 weeks after cleaning with forté my engine went bang. Just as explained above. The engine was cleaned 2x. After every time a new oil filter and new oil was placed. Between 2 cleaning moments I drove 500 km.

I drive 500 km per week. What could be the reason for my #4 piston to blow up?

  • Engine running lean injector related?
  • Wear and tear #4? Temperature?
  • The pollution in the engine overall?
  • Bad design of the Engine?
  • Is it tuned far too aggressively?

I am at odds end. I am driving this car happily right now. But what about tomorrow???