Dear Scotty, 1st off I luv the YouTube videos. Very entertaining and educational. I'm writing because I have a problem with my 1985 Dodge Ram 150 custom straight 6. The vehicle sat for about 5 years and I've had it running for about a year now. I have to pump the gas about 15 times for it to start and then warm it up for 15 minutes. If I don't warm it, then it will stall when I put it into the drive gear. It also bogged down in power and I'd have to double push the gas from a stop. I gave it an oil change and replaced the spark plugs. Now it doesn't require the double push of the gas to go and the pickup speed is better. It's running quietly but almost too quietly. Now when I stop at a light, it will stall. I have to put the truck in neutral and slightly rev the engine to keep it running and when the light changes, put it back into gear. If I have the gas just right when I change gears, then there's no difference in the take off. If I have the gas too high, then there's a jump. So any ideas? My plan is to check to see if I need to adjust the carburetor choke and then increase the idle slightly. Replace the transmission filter and fluids. If necessary, replace the air filter, fuel filter, and fuel pump. Not sure if that's necessary or how to check them on this old single barrel carberator. If those things don't work, then replace the catalytic converter. It does sputter when I turn it off at home if I've run it over 45 mphs. I'm trying to find the shortest and cheapest route to fix the stalling. I know the transmission filter and fluids change should be done anyway because it's an old truck and probably about time. Sorry for the long message, just thought I'd best describe the symptoms. It was my grandpa's truck and it sat for years after he passed. Single owner Air Force mechanic's vehicle. After a year of running the problem has begun. My family depends on this vehicle for work travel. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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Sergio G. Riley
Sergio G. Riley

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they sit that long, carbs are just clogged up or totally shot inside. I would get a carb kit and rebuild it, or throw that one away and put on a brand new edelbrock carb, they work great. AND, check the fuel tank for rust, as NO filter can filter out tiny rust particles and if tank was rusted inside, it would need replacing.

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