Dear Mr Kilmer,

Several days ago until yesterday 11/10/17 when I turned the key in start position, car engine could not start and the Camry just kept silent without even a click sound. A week ago, the car sometimes could not start I thought that the oil was old as the last oil change was on 07/05/2016, the oil stick was taken out and thrust back again and the car started. Fortunately, I remember your video which indicates the problem could be the starter.

However, my uncle make it started yesterday afternoon. He said that the starter was good and the key ignition assembly could be the issue. I told him that when the first period receiving the car from my cousin, I did use some WD-40 to lubricate the car.
She was sitting there for 1.5 years. My uncle points out that WD-40 will harm the ignition assembly with electrical components in it but I think the other way as I use WD-40 similar products such as RP-7 in Vietnam to lubricate my father scooter after going for heavy rainny days without any issue.

So Mr Kilmer, I would like to hear your opinion my car is Toyota Camry 94 with manual transmission and I recently changed new engine oil. The former owner changed oil regularly so engine sounds ok.

I thank you for your patience Mr Kilmer.

modern wd 40 is fine for locks, it's a LOT different than the old formula. As for your problem though, more often it's just a worn out starter that needs replacing. if it doesn't start, then you whack the starter with a hammer as someone holds the key down and then it works, starter is bad.


Thank you for your feedback, however I cannot find any brand new starter from internet search. Would you mind to introduce me any good brand for remanufactured starter ? The car original starter is Denso.