Dear Mr Kilmer, Hello from Ireland! My name is Fergal. I'm 31 and I remember your first YouTube…


Dear Mr Kilmer,

Hello from Ireland!

My name is Fergal.

I'm 31 and I remember your first YouTube video 10 years ago, congratulations on the work you do and I an avid follower of your channel.

I took my first car (a Toyota starlet) apart and put her back together and I've used your video to service almost most of my cars as I'm a novice at best.

So thank you😊

I have been searching for an answer to this question all over the internet including mechanics in my area for weeks with no luck😖

I drive a 2006 Mercedes


((your favorite brand)))

Irs the c180 Kompressor model with the 1.8L petrol engine and manual transmission.

Car has I got the car with 82,000 last year and it currently has 104,000 miles on the clock.

The oil was changed 1000 miles ago and the car is in good shape.


Recently once the car reaches operating temperature a very annoying buzzing sound materializes as I push on the throttle and it's consistent through every gear and every rev range.

Funny though, that the buzzing disappears when I turn left but becomes increasingly worse when turning right.

It's sounds as if it's coming through the gear box though as I can manipulate the buzzing slightly by pressing gently against gear stick.

The car is also jumping out of gear now and again while in reverse...

I know these cars that have the 4 valve 271-11 engine are notorious for timing chain slippage and (making shite) of the valves pistons etc.

However there is no hesitation through the gears and the throttle clutch is very responsive.

I'd love to tune into your show live to post my question but I don't get home from work till 10.30pm (Irish time) most evenings.

I understand your an in demand man so any time and or wisdom that you can contribute to my predicament is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Fergal Lawlor

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Ouch ... thanks for your time.



tranny is wearing out, period. they jump out of gear, tranny is shot. Get rid of it unless you have thousands to repair it