Dear Friends and Supporters of On The Road With Scotty
I’m about to move to an exciting new phase of expanding car help. I’m inviting a select few of supporters to join as volunteer hosts and contributors for this endeavor. I have joined a coalition of highly accomplished independent media companies and causes, all hosted on an incredible shared technology called “TheMaven,” which is a public company operated by senior executives and engineers from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, thePlatform and others. This will provide everyone with a more significant and integrated role in our content and communication. These Seattle dudes really impressed me when I met them, and I expect great things to come out of this.
I’m looking for friends passionate about their vehicles to ensure our new community plan sets a great tone and culture. The tools are amazing, and for those chosen, provide an opportunity to be part of our global team. We believe it will be fulfilling - and fun! - and you’ll be among the first to see, use and test our new platform. I’m looking for hosts/contributors for the following rooms: Live Car Talks, Car Repair Videos, Cool Tools, Ask Scotty, and Cool Cars.
If you want to apply, please send me a one-page summary of your passion and motivation to help in one or more of the above communities, and include your qualifications and perhaps a sample photo, video or written work, if you think it’s helpful. We’re looking for people who care deeply about their vehicles and want to help others.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Scotty Kilmer
Respond to: Scottykilmer@gmail.com

If your going to deal with Google, keep your hand on your wallet.

Thanks to you I have saved thousands of dollars on my cars repair.
You rock!
Please keep up the good work!!!
Marcos B

great to hear

Scotty love the vids and the info keep it up sur