Hey Scotty. I own 2007 Honda Accord 2.4L 4 cylinder 5 speed manual. I was driving one day and my car was hesitating and the engine light started flashing then I scanned it and found out cylinder 4 is misfiring. I had another code for my o2 sensor that I knew about before and I thought maybe that could be the problem so I changed it and same thing. The next thing I did was switch cylinder 1 coil with cylinder 4 coil and then my scanner said cylinder 1 and 4 are now misfiring which is weird because it should only be one. So I bought 2 coils and still nothing. I then checked my spark plugs and all the plugs in cylinder 1, 2 and 3 looked good but the spark plug in cylinder 4 had a darker tip and a very tiny bit of oil around the thread but not so much that it was dripping. I then changed that spark plug and nothing still. After this I did a compression test and cylinders 1-3 had a PSI of around 150-175 but cylinder 4 had no compression at all. The engine still turns over and runs but doesn’t sound good. Also there isn’t any smoke coming from the exhaust either. After what I have Said, why and how do you think this happened because it’s weird that when I swapped the coils both cylinders were misfiring instead of only one. And also how should I fix this? Thanks in advance Scotty!