cv joint slipping

cv joint issue keeps breaking.

so in the middle of the road the passenger cv joint gave out had it towed back to my house and my wife's friends husband who is mechanic came over and we replaced both cv axels( as a percaution) and tire rods since we had half of it apart any way. so after replacing it i moved the car back and forth 4 ft 3 times no issues. as soon as our mechanic friend left i tried to go for a test drive and dint make it down the driveway before it gave out again. pushed it back up the drive way and it moved 2 ft before giving out again it doesn't move but shakes realy bad. so i jacked up the car and the new axel is broken at the same spot with a tear in it and grease leaking out. i did replace the stabilizer links this morning but i doubt that is breaking my axles. as far as alignment the drivers side is perfectly straight but the pasenger side points right like its turning right but we straightened it out before dropping the car

If motor mounts are broken or other parts like A frame bushings, taking off will pull the axles apart and rip the boots and make them come out of place

Well the engine mounts seem ok when i reved engine motor doesnt move around. However the passenget wheel that was way off alinment by about 45 degres to the right may be bad. When i put the stabalizer links on they were all fairly straight but when we went to work on the car the passenger stabalizer part conecting to the loer control arm was tweeked outward like some one was trying to pull the lower controll arm out of the car

And the tire was straight prior to the broken cv joint. Is it possible one of the speed bumps caused the lower controll arm to give out or bend it do bad that alignment got thrown off by 45 degrees. Im hoping its the lower control arm thas tweeked as napa claims to have in stock at the warehouse/store hybrid by my house. But engine mouns will take a few days. Lastly the pasenger side tire tilts slightly down word on driver side when on lift where pasenger side is straight up and down and points right 45 degrees thanks your a big help pointing me to the cause..im glad i fou d your channel.