Crazy heater!


Air is coming split, half cold half warm from the dash of my car!

Hey Skotty,

I have a 2009 Toyota Prius, it's a salvage title I imported from the US, had some coolant pathway problems including the heater radiator, I changed it after a leakage problem and things went well from right then.

A year later, the air coming from the dash is split, the passenger half comes warm air, and driver's side comes cold.
I sent it to a mechanic and he applied jet water "pressure" into the intake hose of the radiator so it might work "unclogs", but still same problem.

No leaks, coolant level is good, but I noticed when turning the heater on, sound of running water in the dash...

Thanks in advance.

there is restrictions in the heater system causing that. Either core is shot or air is stuck in system or there's a bent line somewhere

Thank you :)