crazy car!

Something different with this car

Ford transit asm trying to reset but there is a clicking noise in relay and clutch/break pedal when ignition is turned. No start due to not being able to get in nutruel to start. It has to reset to do that. Have tried taking bat terms off and reset.It used to reset but not now. Changed relays, starter motor, alternator, crank shaft sensor, new batteries and still no reset. Just this frigging clicking noise. I am so over it. It all started with auto light flashing then it would not cooperate and then stall. It also had a faulty water pump which leaked everywhere. This is when the problems started. I have cleaned all terminals and connector with proper spray stuff.The water pump is new too. Can someone give me to try and fine a solution. Still paying this thing off.

make sure the engine isn't locked up first, if it overheated that could be the case. See if engine can be turned over by hand using a cheater bar and socket on the crank as in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PUTfxrPIfA