I have a 06 accord that has a crank no start

About two weeks ago my car was running and driving fine as I came to my mothers in law I shut it off and went inside later I came back to a crank no start. I managed to get it to the top of a hill and start it with the clutch it ran for a solid 10 mins then driving it shut off completely

Things I have done

Checked all fuses and there all good

Checked my IG coil relay and found 12volts

Found my coil plug only has 3 volts at the coil in ACC and it seems to drop when its turned on.

Other things is replaced crank and cacam sensors

Checked for snapped timming belt (fine only 20k old)

Checked to see if it skipped teeth

Oil was replaced

Did a test on my injectors and fuel pump both work fine

All grounds have been cleaned and verifed

And battery has been kept at a would 12 volts

Even checked the ECU for damage

With all this said it does not show a check engine light or codes while cranking just my battery and oil light remain on during cranking

I have also checked the immoblizer system deleted my keys and re programmed them to the car

And all I get is the starter cranking the engine and it won't fire up

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more often than that, it's an immobilizer failure, takes a pro to check that with a honda dealer level scanner