Couldn’t find original post so will post again with the codes that I found. I have a 98 mustang 3.8 automatic. Recently my O/D off light has started blinking when I drive my car. The light will not come on if I have the car in 1st or 2nd gear, it comes on when I put the car into drive. Also when going up a hill at a slow speed the car will start shaking a little and I have to press the gas more to get the car to downshift to get up the hill without the car hesitating. Also when I’m in drive and I slow down to a stop the car downshifts roughly with a slight jerk. Any ideas on what this could be? The codes are P0500 & P1443

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replace the vehicle speed sensor on the transmission and PRAY that the transmission does not have serious internal problems, which those often get. To get the OD flashing codes, you would need a dealer level scanner to access that kind of information, and sometimes just a bad sensor will trip that. good luck