Corsa '96 gasket change

Changing exhaust manifold gasket

Hey :)

Figured i could just aswell ask here, as there doesn't seem to be much on the web (aside from other vehicles, and exhaust swaps + sounds).

I've got an Opel (Vauxhall/Holden/Chevrolet depending on geography) Corsa B 1.4i 8v (1996) which need an exhaust manifold gasket change, but i've yet to find any DYI videos or written manuals.

Is that something you might be able to help with?

Getting a bit greasy is the least of my worries - not having the correct tools for the entire procedure is, let alone making sure everything is connected as it should be.

The engine code is C14NZ, if that is helpful in the slightest.

Even if you are unable to help, i appreciate you looking over my question

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Daniel J.
Daniel J.

much appreciated, i'll see about getting to it somehow :)



they don't sell em in texas, but all manifold are the same. They are generally stuck on from heat so spray WD 40 on the bolts and nuts and then carefully get them off without snapping things off. Take your time