Corolla 2009 *Invariable RPM and sometimes turns off the engine*


This issue is driving me crazy

Toyota Corolla 2009 Type S

Mileage: 78K

I changed:

Throttle Body, Spark Plugs and Ignition coils. Plus I had have cleaned throttle body and Mass Air Flow.

The problem:

My car work perfectly until I stop, If I stop at a red light the RPM go down sometime reach 400 and of course start vibrating and when the RPM's are too low the engine turn off.

First, I changed the ignition coils and that help a little, but doesn't last, then I changed the throttle body and that work for a couple of weeks, and lastly I changed the sparks plugs and that was useful for about 3 weeks.

Now I am constantly cleaning the throttle body and MAF sensor. That helps a lot.

*****Now the way I'm driving my car is with the headlights always ON, because when the RPM's are going down I turn the lights ON and the RPM's go back to normal.

The problem is that I still having the problem and piss me off that sometimes my engine stop working when I stop.

Scotty and all the members of this great website I know you all are busy , but I will really appreciate If you can take a moment a read about my problem with my corolla 2009. At this point, I don't know what more I can do to fix this problem.

Thank you for your time!