Corolla 2009 *Invariable RPM and sometimes turns off the engine*


This issue is driving me crazy

Toyota Corolla 2009 Type S

Mileage: 78K

I changed:

Throttle Body, Spark Plugs and Ignition coils. Plus I had have cleaned throttle body and Mass Air Flow.

The problem:

My car work perfectly until I stop, If I stop at a red light the RPM go down sometime reach 400 and of course start vibrating and when the RPM's are too low the engine turn off.

First, I changed the ignition coils and that help a little, but doesn't last, then I changed the throttle body and that work for a couple of weeks, and lastly I changed the sparks plugs and that was useful for about 3 weeks.

Now I am constantly cleaning the throttle body and MAF sensor. That helps a lot.

*****Now the way I'm driving my car is with the headlights always ON, because when the RPM's are going down I turn the lights ON and the RPM's go back to normal.

The problem is that I still having the problem and piss me off that sometimes my engine stop working when I stop.

Scotty and all the members of this great website I know you all are busy , but I will really appreciate If you can take a moment a read about my problem with my corolla 2009. At this point, I don't know what more I can do to fix this problem.

Thank you for your time!

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Thank you Scotty, appreciate your help.



try this video and use the same products, and if it doesn't fix it, throttle would need replacing in most cases IF no vaccuum leaks are found