So I went to Meineke to have a job done I figured I could do myself, but my wife doesn’t trust me, so I decided in the name of sanity to pay a “professional” to do it.

Ever cautious I watched as they serviced the vehicle. I don’t know much about cars, but it’s my understanding that our 2010 Sienna has about 3 gallons of coolant. They drained the coolant from 2 different places on the vehicle (I can only assume the PET valve and the radiator itself) and then proceeded to try and use “universal coolant” to refill it.

This is where I stopped them, as the vehicle had only been serviced at Toyota in the past and it was my understanding that it was to only have OEM compatible “red coolant”. The guy argued with me and stopped short of calling me a idiot but complied and said if I wanted “Toyota” coolant I could pay the extra $15 and they’d get it. So I insisted and they complied.

My question is, after all was said and done, they only changed out about a gallon of my 3 gallons of coolant. Did I get ripped off? And was I wrong to insist on Toyota coolant??