Clayman here. Scotty we inherited my cousins 1989 Chevy astro van with the V6 engine, 250k (Not kidding), has a distinctive miss when running but mostly when started. Service engine soon light comes and goes now and then, New battery and a new distributor 3 months ago. I was thinking IAC valve like on your video where you had the GM truck that idled rough, but I dont have the OBD 1 code reader. I looked it up along with a full list of codes on google, and was wondering do they rent those scanners? I'm gonna try new plugs and wires first, my cousin didnt want to replace them. He passed away on the 16th of last month. Just wondering how confident you would be if you only had money to do one thing at a time, but the van shakes like mad, oddly enough when it warms up after 5 minutes or so, it runs decent but still misses at idle, any help would greatly be appreciated.


When you accelerate its slow to come back down and starts missing, and that makes me 98.9% sure about the IAC valve along with a new set of plugs and wires first, but was wondering what you would try first?

I would tune it up with plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor and run some fuel injector cleaner through the system and PrAY the engine is not just flat wearing out

That's what I was thinking, new distributor 3 months ago so just plugs and wires left. :)