Clarity to earlier question .. Are you saying that the remanufactured MAF sensors are a peice of Junk . Or that My Nissan Xterra is a peice of junk .. LOL ...I had look at your video on MAF sensors and how to clean them up and then researched on the actual procedure for my car and found out that the MAF sensors were recalled on these vehicles . So the instructor advised to go ahead and get the new improved ones .. so I looked and boy howdy they are not cheap .. Just wanted your input and if you know anyway I could save money in purchasing one . Thank You
So far the Nissan has been pretty reliable for me .. And right now the Oil is clean and clear .. just want to work to maintain what I have and keep it that way

Also would like to ask what is your favorite torque wrenches ..

but so far have been please with my xterra .. but at 156000 miles .. maintenance is due and it is showing the code po127 which says MAF

remanned sensors are junk, not the vehicle. good torque wrenches are super expensive, but the ones as auto zone have lifetime warranties, so use them and return em for new ones when they break.

Thank You