Civic 2007 EX - Air gets warmer from passenger to driver


Hello Scotty:

I have been a long time fan of yours and used to email you directly before. Thanks for your past responses. Anyhow, I have a Civic 2007 EX and what I notice is that as you move from extreme right passenger vent to extreme left driver side vent, the air is not as cold on a day with 79 degree and if day is hotter then bit warmer (even on full AC). There are 2 passenger vents and 2 driver vents. The car has 4 vents (2 on passenger side and 2 on driver's). I checked the Door Blend underneath driver's side and it was clicking in fine as I change to various levels of heat or cold. Passenger side has the other blend that helps control where the air goes (feet, head, etc.). That works fine too. Could this be low freeon (as the air moves from right to left it cant hold up the strength of cold due to low freeon)? Or could this be something else entirely? If it's low on freeon, can I fill it in myself by getting the freeon can from AutoZone or do you have to vaccum out the system first? Thanks much.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


Pray it's just low on refrigerant because of not the internal controls of the docs is breaking down and that is very complex