Chrysler Sebring NOISE!!! I am a big fan of your channel. I'm from the Netherlands and we have 1…


Chrysler Sebring NOISE!!!

I am a big fan of your channel.
I'm from the Netherlands and we have 1 problem with American cars, they are REALLY expensive to repair and they break down often because we have really cold and wet weather.
Also, the mechanics don't have enough experience with these cars.

That said, i love em!
I now have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2.7 V6.

When i bought it, it had some problems, the steering rod ends, (ball joints) where worn out and the lower ball joints where worn out as well.
So i replaced all of those.

Now comes the question: sometimes when i drive there is a very loud whining noise from the front of the car ( It is directly related to the speed, not the revs of the engine.
So i tested this a few ways.
1: Rev the engine standing still in neutral : no sound
2: Started driving and the sound was there
3 Stopped, went through a cycle of park, neutral, drive, semi manual and back to drive. when i started driving, the sound was still there.(i thought it might not be in gear properly).
4 Popped it into neutral while drivng,, sound still there.

Ok so then i knew it was related to speed and not the revs.
The sound went away when i drove over a speed bump.
Haven't heard it for a month, one day it was back.
Same story. speed bump and it was gone. but this time it came back a few times.
After 3-4 times it was gone and now i don't hear it anymore.
Both times, it was below 32 degrees F (0 degrees Celcius), or as we say it: 'freezing my ass off"

I need to find the problem, because it is a severe sound and it doesn't make me feel very safe.

Any ideas what it could be?

Hope you can help!

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Thank you for the quick reply!
I hope it's te bearing, because that would mean my transmission is ok.
The car doesn't make the sound now. There no play on the wheel what so ever.
Is there a way to check if the bearing is the problem



worn bearings often do that, like front wheel bearings. try this video