I am fixing a chevy malibu 6cyl. 3.1l The fans for radiator were not working and couldn't find the proper ECT sensor stores only carried two wire. My car was set up with 3, so I purchased one that fit just not the one for my car. Fans are now running but nonstop, and temp guage isn't working in car

So originally when I got the car I found the thermostat was leaking and car was having some heating difficulties. The owner happened to have a new one in the car so I replaced it and no more leaks, next though found it was still overheating. After more searching found they cut the wires to the radiator fans and routed them inside with speaker wire to turn off when they wanted. So I tested the wires with a multimeter and connected them together again. Fan still wasn't running tested it and fans were good and next tried replacing the ECT sensor but my car is set up for a 3 wires sensor. All the parts stores in town claim my car needs 2 wired sensor and the electrical diagram only shows 2 wires to the sensor not 3. Regardless I removed the air filter box and the rest of the components needed and replaced it with a 3 wires sensor that looks exactly the same as my cars original. Fired her up and now the fans are running only now they don't stop and the temp guage stopped working. Burped the system as well but fans are still constantly running. It is probably because of the sensor but I cannot find one for this vehicle? Any thoughts please?

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heck, that old GM clunker, fans running all the time hurts nothing as long as the thermostat is working so it won't run too cool in the winter. I see tons running that way here in Texas, just keep checking the coolant every week to make sure there are no cooling problems causing loss of coolant