Check engine light won't go off until 1 hour after motor turned on


1994 Toyota Camry XLE 3.0 motor check engine light takes an hour to turn off in cold weather then the car runs good .

In the hot weather my camry .ck.engine light turns off faster then when it's 40 degrees outside. When it's cold outside it could take up to 1 hour for the check engine light to turn off when the check engine light turns off that's when the car has power when the check engine light turns on the car loses power and becomes undriveable. I replaced the computer the idle air control the temperature sensor all this and I still have the same problem. Also when the check engine light finally comes on after a week or so of me either in the car before I can use it if I connect a scanner on the OBD2 the scanner reads communication error with the ECU. In summary when the check engine light is on the car runs like crap when the check engine light turns off the car runs great I don't know where to turn from here I don't know if it's another computer that I need I replace the idle air control valve with a used on. I've contacted the the place where I bought the computer from and the technician said that it sounds like it's a temperature control switch and which I replied I have changed it twice already and then never got back to me so I need someone's help and fixing my car thank you in advance louis