check engine light

i have a 2011 ford focus , i had a check engine light tthat came on for a week , then DISAPEAR

WHAT u think could be the problem ??, do u think ford brand is a good company and should i change my 2011 focus?? wat are your toughts ?? thx scotty love your personnality ahah..

Focuses are not great cars. I would go toyota myself for decades of trouble free driving. But, lights come on when computers find a problem, then if that problem does not show up later after driving a while, the computer then shuts the warning light off. So it's some type of minor problem, you can get it scanned, the code should be historically stored to analyze it.

my car is working very well, but how i meant some people that have focuses that have 175000 miles on them???. if i understand correct ford is a good brand except the focus. In one of your podcasts u talked about fusion , which ones are good??

say no to focus...especially when your back doors lock up ...it happens to so many of them...flashing light? something is getting ready to go and then it will be a solid light..scan for codes...document ...then clear codes...scan again after 25 mile drive...fix

2012 and higher , those are pill of junks i agree, but i have a older 2011 its good , its running great

but other ford products wat u think??