Changed starter on 2009 Honda Accord


So I changed the starter on this Accord just recently, everything went well, put in a remanufactured from AAP, put it all together and when I went to start the car, you can hear the engine trying to turn over. I just thought it was strange, so I took it all apart again and made sure everything is connected. So when I went to start it, it still did the same thing, but I noticed it was low on fuel, put some in, it struggled for a bit but I started stepping on the gas pedal and it started. Once you turned it on, it ran really smooth. But I still had to keep pushing on the gas pedal to turn it on again. The customer said they’ll just deal with it because they really had to leave. So when I got home, I got a call from them again saying it wasn’t turning on anymore even with pressing on the gas pedal, they said all they could hear was a “loud screech” when they tried to turn it on, I was assuming maybe it’s just the fly wheel not engaging. So I was on my way over there to see what’s up, but they called me midway and said they got it to start and just said they really had to go and I was like whatever, but I’m still so curious on what it can be. Any ideas or theory from you guys? Maybe someone has gone through this? Any help would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this!