Catalytic convertor + winter weather start problems - Mercedes Diesel


Have 2008 Mercedes Benz ML320 CDI (Diesel) SUV. Bought original. Excellent care/ shape. 75 000 miles. Major repair (turbo rebuild) 2 years ago - cost $10k. (I was told I do not drive the diesel enough, low mileage, caused turbo problem). Now problems with acceleration from time to time. Catalytic converter going - engine light on. MB dealership wants $5k to repair. Car only worth $7 to 8 k resale. Should I keep and repair or trade-in / sell? I know basic repair skills and am not a mechanic. I would like to start doing only basic repairs at lower cost mechanic. Can I fix catalytic converter at a lower cost (not using MB part or MB mechanic)? Also last winter first time had multiple problems starting during cold weather in winter (live in Canada north of Toronto ON). No block heater in car and original glow plugs. Is there anything I can do about this cold winter weather start problem - has power just will not turn over (battery checked and is always OK). What else can typically go on these cars at this time 2008 year with 75 000 miles? Thanks so much for your advice. (My next car is not going to be an MB: looking into a domestic small truck like Ford Dodge or Chev and/or Japanese or Korean SUV - like Toyota, Honda or Kia).

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Yeah, get it running and trade it in or sell it, look for rav 4. 4 w.d. Mercedes stick a fork in it's many issues to cure. From weak glow plugs to starter dragging on and on.