Car wont idle when it warms up

My car starts just fine but once I drive for about 10-15 minutes the engine dies when it tries to idle.

Hello, I have a problem that I cant for the life of me figure out and I need some advice. I drive a 2005 V6 Ford Mustang, Manual Transmission. My car will start just fine and drive pretty well but once it gets warmed up, driving for like 10 or 15 min, the engine dies when I stop or when I take my foot off the gas when it tries to idle. It will start back up but I can tell it dosent want to. I do have a missfire problem that I havent been able to find a fix for but Ive had that problem for about a year now and never affected my idle. everything on the car is all stock/factory. the only major thing ive done was change the head gaskets when I got it a year ago along with all the appropriate gaskets and bolts. so far ive tried cleaning the Throttle body with Throttle body cleaner, I cleaned the MAF sensor with MAF cleaner, I put a new battery post on my positive because it was corroded, and I put fuel system cleaner in the tank. None of that has worked. if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

check for vacuum leaks first, and if none exist, pressure test the fuel pump, often they get weak and do that

Thank you I will go over these this weekend and let you know how it turns out