Car trouble

Car runs but not as good as it used to engine isn’t blown and white smoke comes from carburetor sometimes.

This all started when I was driving after a walk on the trail my car was hot and not even a couple minutes later I pulled up to a red light and the car died I tried to start it with no luck. The car would start but run poorly and wouldn’t idle also white smoke would come out of the carb. I got a mechanic to look at it and we replaced the coil, ignition control unit, ignition wires, distributor, carburetor, fuel filter, put a pressure regulator on and the car runs but struggles at times. I had to change the oil cause it dumped about 2 quarts of fuel into the oil from us trying to start it. We timed the car but it still won’t run right no matter if we advance or retard the timing. Would appreciate some help thanks.

white smoke coming from the carb shows internal engine wear, epecially in the valves. Do a wet and dry compression test fo the engine to see if it's just flat worn out first

The engine was rebuilt about 6000 miles ago and oil changes every 2000 miles I don’t have any burnt oil or coolant it just smells like gas.

Update I think we found the problem if I wiggle the wiring harnesses to the ignition control and coil and it started nice I cleaned the connector and it runs nice but still has a little bit of a miss/hiccup in the idle